Awards Program

The Awards program is designed to encourage members to use their Standardbreds in public shows, competitions, demonstrations, trail rides, parades, hunts, hunter paces, or exhibitions. These awards are designed to recognize those who help show the Standardbreds before the public, as well as those who win the awards. NOTE:  As of 2022 membership year, virtual shows are no longer accepted for points.

There is a fee per horse and rider or driver combination per year.  $25 for SPHO-NJ Awards.


To claim residency in the State of New Jersey, members must be a resident of New Jersey from November 1, 2020.  


In order to receive awards, a SPHO-NJ membership is required.  

 Points Forms:

NOTE:  For those residents outside the State of New Jersey, the Awards Amendment link will explain the rules to be a part of the SPHO-NJ Awards program.

Completing forms for points:    There are two forms: 

The Pleasure Ride/Drive Log (non-competitive) and the Competition Report. 


Complete the form with any documentation required, within 30 days after the event.  Our rulebook explains the awards program more, in detail.

Note:  Each horse/exhibitor combination will be required to volunteer 2 hours at the annual National Standardbred Horse Show or buy out your hours @$50.00 per hour to be eligible for Year End Awards.  You may have a family member/friend volunteer in your place.  There will be a Volunteer Schedule as the show approaches.  Buy out fees will be due no later than October 31st.

awards - Copy.jpg

To register your horse, the link to the form is below.  The registration fee will be waived in the event a horse becomes injured, ill or deceased. The competitor has the option to register a replacement horse for the remainder of the season without having to pay a new fee. Points earned with the prior horse are non-transferable.

Points will be awarded to the same horse/rider or horse/driver combination only. Please select the correct classification on the awards program registration form. Must follow rules for earning points within the Rulebook to qualify for SPHO-NJ Year End Awards. Open Classes = Double Points!

Note: Juniors will pay the fee for only their first horse.  A junior that shares a second registered horse will only need to fill out the second horse/rider form and no fee.

All other members must fill out a separate point form for each exhibitor/horse combination, with a fee for each combination.