2018 NJ Standardbred Superior Achievement Award  
Xing the Delaware
Awarded to a Jersey Bred, non racing.
2018 SPHO-NJ Equestrian of the Year
Erin Drake 
Past Recipients:
2017 -  NJ Superior Achievement:               Lather Rinse Repeat 
            SPHO-NJ Equestrian of the Year &    
                NJ Eq. of the Year Runner-Up:     Madison Lofgren
2016 -  NJ Superior Achievement:               Heavy Metal Thunder &
                                                                        Osborne's Shy Cam
           SPHO-NJ Equestrian of the Year:     Joanna Ricci 
2015 -  NJ Superior Achievement:              Styled N Misty
            SPHO-NJ Equestrian of the Year:   Nicole Bursac  
Other horses receiving the award in previous years:   
Big Bikkies   
Jambalayabar Man (JB)
Styled N Misty and Nicole Bursac
Lather Rinse Repeat with owner Betsy Cotter
Madison Lofgren