May 7th 2017 - Hunter/Pleasure Pace Results

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Hunter Open - Ideal Time:  55 minutes                                         Pleasure Open - Ideal Time:  1 hour 40 minutes

1st     H. Gregory, W. Richards & K. Kennedy                             1st     A. Bittle

2nd    N. Reverendo & H. Goldman                                              2nd   W. Thompson & A. George

3rd     P. Chainey & S. Kalaszewski                                              3rd    K. Cornel, K. Westerly & D. Bertolino

4th     B.  Kaminski & L. Minshull                                                  4th    S.  Laone, L. Matetcezk & M. Labriola

5th     S. Ralston & R. Walsh                                                          5th    T. Keynton

6th     J. Richards & K. Vogel                                                         

7th     D. Fry & A Kubacki                                                              Pleasure Junior - Ideal Time:  1 hour 40 minutes

8th     S. Jacobs & N. Wiser                                                         

9th     D. Davis & L. Cramp                                                             1st    Caroline, Kim, & Hudson (Pony Club girls)

10th   I. McDermott & Kriss Cox                                                    2nd   H. Karrick, T. Karrick & M. Smith

                                                                                                         3rd    D. Fairbairn & J. Katona

Hunter Junior - Ideal Time:  55 minutes                                       4th    Taylor & Madison (Pony Club girls)

1st     Maddie, Roxy, & Rylie girls                                               

2nd    M. Borges & E. Drake

3rd     S. Baker with S. D'Ambrose walking on foot!

Thank you to Susan Rogers of Whispering Winds Equestrian Center for your hospitality of breakfast and the use of your horse farm

Thank you to Chasing The Sun Equine Transport as our Ribbon Sponsor.

Thank you to the Leo McNamara family as our Lunch Sponsor, as well as Veronica Spicer for the cupcakes.

Thank you to our volunteers for helping in the planning and the day of the trail pace.

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